Work With Dr.St Jean

Learn how Dr. St Jean can help you recover your health by scheduling an introductory or new patient consult today. Your deposit for the introductory consult will be deducted from your new patient consult if you decide to move forward with Dr. St Jean.

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    Book Your Intro Consult:

    Schedule your introductory consult here. In this brief 15 minute consultation, Dr. St Jean will listen to your health concerns, and determine whether or not you are a candidate for care. When scheduling, please list your top 3 complaints in the message box on our online scheduler. This helps Dr. St Jean prepare for your appointment.

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    Prepare For Your Consult:

    Please ensure you are in a quite and distraction-free environment so that you can get the most out of your appointment. Write down any important questions you may have for Dr. St Jean so you can be sure to have them answered. Dr. St Jean will then outline the next steps for you to start recovering your health. Check out our FAQ's and Policiespage to get answers to commonly asked questions and to save time during your intro consult for more important topics.

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    Access Treatment Faster:

    If you feel like you are ready to get started with treatment right away and you don't need an intro consult, click here to schedule your new patient consult today.You are one step away from recovering and reclaiming your health. Dr. St Jean is looking forward to hearing your story and helping place your health, back into your hands.

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