Relieve Anxiety With Red Meat

By: Dr. St Jean

In this video I will discuss why you should consider eating red meat if you want to eliminate your anxiety.  Most of the new patients suffering from anxiety that I see on a daily basis are avoiding red meat completely.  At some point in their life, they learned there is a correlation between red meat consumption and heart disease, cancer and other serious illness.  So why eat it?!

The Truth About Red Meat

The reality is, its not that black and white.  Red meat can causes these diseases and at the same time, it can prevent them.  What’s often not being discussed is the QUALITY of red meat.

anxiety, anxiety symptoms, anxiety relief, anxiety treatment chicago, Dr St JeanIf you are consuming red meat from a feed lot, factory farm which is higher in omega-6 fatty acids, then yes, that may pose a problem for you.  Generally speaking, this meat will be more pro-inflammatory and in my clinical opinion should be avoided.

However, if you are consuming grass-fed, grass-finished, certified organic beef, lamb, goat, etc. – this is a completely different story.  This type of red meat ensures the animal you are eating has been fed a diet in which they were evolutionarily meant to eat and that they are free of antibiotics and hormones.  If you want to identify and treat the root cause of your anxiety, click here to schedule a free consult with myself.

Research To Link Anxiety & Red Meat

Here’s the deal, now that you understand the importance of quality, how does this relate to anxiety?  A great study published back in 2010 in the American Journal of Psychiatry examined the extent to which anxiety, depression and mental health was affected by diet.

anxiety, anxiety symptoms, anxiety relief, anxiety treatment chicago, Dr St Jean

Interestingly, the research showed the inclusion of grass-fed meat in the diet had significant mental health benefits.  But that’s not all, there is more…

Grass-fed, organic red meat is dense in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B6, B12, and D, as well as important minerals such as zinc, iron and selenium.  Why is this important?  Well, we know that anxiety can be caused by low levels and deficiencies of these important nutrients.  We also know that consuming foods with higher amounts of these nutrients seems to improve anxiety symptoms in patients suffering from anxiety.

Take home point – don’t be so afraid of red meat, as long as its of high quality.  Grass-fed, organic red meat can be of huge anti-anxiety benefit.

Best Ways to Access High Quality Red Meat

In most health food stores (WholeFoods, Traders, etc.) and in the organic sections of other grocery markets, you should be able to find grass-fed or certified organic red meats.  That is probably the path of least resistance in terms of finding high quality red meat.

anxiety, anxiety symptoms, anxiety relief, anxiety treatment chicago, Dr St Jean

If you want to take it a step further and support your local farmers, check outyour local farmers market.  Quality red meat options are typically available and if not you can ask your local farmers about animal share programs.  You can actually purchase a cow with friends and family. This is another great way to support local farmers and access high quality red meat.  Not to mention, its a much more eco-friendly and humane way of accessing animal protein.

Finally, if you are in a food desert or maybe your really busy with 21st century life, you can purchase grass-fed, organic red meat online.  I’m a huge fan of two sites in particular:

(1) US Wellness Meats –

(2) Blackwing Meats –

Just make sure you have enough room in your fridge and make sure you know what your ordering.  Don’t make the mistake I made with Buffalo Oysters.  Naive Dr. St Jean 5 years ago thought he was getting oysters in the traditional sense of the word.  Nope.  I got 2 packages of Buffalo testicles….yikes!

If you want to learn more about anxiety, mood, brain health and functional medicine make sure to navigate the website (   I’m constantly adding to the article and video blog and we also have our anxiety podcast.  Therefore, whether you want to read, listen or watch, I got you covered.  Or, if you want to identify and treat the root cause of your anxiety, click here to schedule a free consult with myself.  


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