Torie F.

I came to Dr. StJean as a lost soul full of excitement but without any specific purpose or project to channel it into… I was lacking direction and wandering from place to place, searching for something greater. It wasn’t until I began working with Dr. StJean that my entire li..... Read More

Haley S.

Dr. Kieran is serving humanity from a higher calling; clearly in his purpose. Within a short few visits I am already experiencing a great empowerment in the acceleration of my healing, total self & body re-fortification, and a drastic increase in my energy – which was almost co..... Read More

More Testimonials

  • Love g.

    Dr. K. is wonderful! I have tried everything to get rid of my anxiety as well as neck and back pain. He truly is interested in treating your problems or pain from the inside out, rather than simply masking the symptoms with a pill. He is extremely professional and I feel lucky that I found him!

  • Dr. S.

    Prior to seeing Dr. Kuykendall, I tried so many things for my MS. Everything from Physical Therapy, acupuncture, Massage and traditional chiropractic care. While some of those things were helpful, I found that with Dr. Kuykendall, I feel much better. I sleep well, I have better balance, and digestion has improved. My hips and back feel better, my neck is much more relaxed and my mobility is also a little better. I even noticed my alertness and enthusiasm have improved and I am more aware of what I need.

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