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Dr. St Jean initially became interested in medicine after experiencing health challenges of his own as a younger adolescent and teenager. “It was everything really, my gut was a problem, I couldn’t focus in school, I was anxious, then depressed, my heart would beat irregularly, then I was always exhausted – it was one thing after another.” After trying several treatments and seeing different specialists, he became frustrated with the one-size fits all surgical/pharmaceutical model.

While studying in his undergraduate, he tried alternative, holistic interventions in hopes they would offer a different solution. Unfortunately he noticed a similar approach. The “this for that” model continued in these circles as well – just this time it was with herbs and plants instead of synthetics.

At his wits end, he was at his chiropractic appointment and noticed a book in the waiting room about functional medicine. “I picked it up and had a few minutes to look it over, but was studying pre-med at the time, so I was really interested in the new perspectives the author was presenting. At that point I had never heard of treating the root cause, so it really caught my attention.”From this point on, Dr. St Jean began his journey into the realm of functional medicine.

Although he works with a wide range of conditions, ranging from autoimmunity, hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalances, gut health, Depression and much more – he has a special focus and passion for helping patients who suffer from Anxiety.
Dr. St Jean and his wife Melissa (dance/movement therapist) have teamed up to offer novel, cutting-edge approaches to the treatment of anxiety. Learn more about their holistic anxiety center here.

Dr. St Jean is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, with a degree in Biology and Pre-medicine. Dr. St Jean went on to complete his doctoral degree in Chiropractic Medicine at National University of Health Sciences in Chicago, IL. He has also completed post-doctoral studies in areas of functional medicine, clinical nutrition, functional neurology, vestibular rehabilitation, traumatic/acquired brain injury, and functional rehabilitation.

Dr. St Jean’s believes our bodies are designed to be healthy. In order to regain or maintain our health, we must remove the obstacles that prevent healing and provide the body an environment that encourages health. Dr. St Jean focuses on treating the root cause of your health condition, to help place your health back into your hands.

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