3 Adrenal Function Tests You Can Do at Home

Do you have tired adrenals? Adrenal fatigue occurs when there is an insufficiency in function of the adrenal glands. These glands produce the steroid hormones which are released during stress – emotional, environment, physical, and/or psychological. There are three adrenal function tests you can easily….

Tests for Adrenal Fatigue

To test for adrenal fatigue and coming up to a diagnosis is a feat. It’s difficult to know for sure if you have adrenal fatigue from just one test as symptoms are hard to pinpoint. Medical providers, in general, have to take a variety of….

Stress and How it Can Influence Your Overall Health

Stress is a response to any pressure or stress. Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome is an example of a stress-related condition. There are a variety of stressors present in the environment. Your adrenal glands are the one in charge in responding to them. Stress affect its function in its entirety. What….

15 Signs of Adrenal Fatigue You Should Know

Do you think you have signs of adrenal fatigue? Your adrenal glands are producing stress hormones for an array of stressors in your environment. In adrenal fatigue, it will come to a point where you might experience symptoms similar to what others call “nervous breakdown.” The….

5 Ways to Naturally Increase Your Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone associated with “virility.” The testicles in men manufacture this hormone. While the ovary and adrenal glands produce it in women. Testosterone plays a primary role in sexuality as well as reproduction. At about 30 years old, testosterone levels begin to decrease….

Exercise! Change Your Brain

Olga Kotelko lived a long, remarkable life. She held over 30 track-and-field world records in her age category. This is particularly interesting as she began her athletic training at 77 years of age and continued until her 90s. Ms. Kotelko, unfortunately, passed away at the….

Exercise and Endorphins: Formula to Happiness

Exercise enthusiasts delight in euphoric feeling after each workout. This is often called “runner’s high.” A notable post-workout boost in energy and happiness levels which keeps them (exercisers) come back for more. The feel-good vibes attributed to endorphins. These are neurochemicals manufactured in your hypothalamus and….

Detox: Way to Happiness

If you have been feeling a little sluggish most of your days, chances are toxins are harboring your system. Allergens and pollutants alike may cause to feel out of sorts and down. It’s a great thing that there’s a way to flush these harmful toxins….

8 Foods to Detox Your Body

Do you want to make a major lifestyle change and detox your body? There are many ways you can do this. It’s not easy but is very feasible. You can take supplements or just eat detoxifying foods. In this article, we list 8 detox foods….

Detox Your Body For A Healthier You

Detoxing is an important subject for everyone. As a matter of fact, fulfilling consistent body cleanses and detoxes should be a fundamental concept of health and healing. What is a detox? A detox is a method of making lifestyle changes to clear the body of toxins. These changes involve abstaining from….

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