How Meditation Reduces Anxiety

By: Dr. St Jean What if I told you that meditation – yes, breathing in and out and attempting to gain a state of consciousness that allows the mind to engage in positive thoughts – can reduce anxiety.  Would you believe me or think this….

Adrenal Fatigue: What Is It?

By: Dr. St Jean Adrenal Fatigue is becoming almost as common as Gluten intolerance.  Does this make it the new fad or is their actual scientific evidence to support it?  In this discussion, I’ll dive right into the topic and give you my non-biased, honest,….

Relieve Anxiety With Red Meat

By: Dr. St Jean In this video I will discuss why you should consider eating red meat if you want to eliminate your anxiety.  Most of the new patients suffering from anxiety that I see on a daily basis are avoiding red meat completely.  At….

Anxiety & Cod Liver Oil

By: Dr. St Jean Imagine you could reduce your anxiety, one shot of cod liver oil at a time! This statement should come as no surprise, especially if you have followed me for some time now.  I often speak about the importance of healthy fat….

Does Low Stomach Acid Promote Bacteria, Parasites, Yeast and Viruses?

By: Dr. St Jean Low stomach acid is a commonly overlooked problem.  This is unfortunate, because it can become a very serious problem in certain situations.  Although this doesn’t happen often, it has been linked to severe disease such as stomach cancer and rheumatoid arthritis…..

6 Foods You Can Eat for Heavy Metal Chelation

Heavy metals in your body contribute to very serious health issues. Generally, toxic heavy metals enter your body through air, food, and water. Further example of such metals are cadmium, mercury, lead, aluminum, and uranium. Currently, it’s difficult to avoid being exposed to these metals. Your body….

8 Causes of Depression That Antidepressants Can’t Fix

Depression is a serious mood disorder. Symptoms include continues feeling of sadness and loss of interest. It’s cause is difficult to pinpoint and treatment often varies. If you want to know more about depression or you have other health inquiries, book your intro consult today with Dr…..

Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Right For You?

Bioidentical hormone replacement has improved over the last few years. A lot of different bioidentical hormones are already available on the market. However, doctors still need to prescribe them and they are not all the same quality. Bioidentical hormone replacement can be useful in many different….

Detoxification and Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome

Introduction to Detoxification Our environment is filled with toxins and harmful substances. An essential solution to optimal health is to recognize practical ways of detoxification. This is to decrease toxic substance exposure in the air, food, and water. The basis is very simple – the….

Connection between Candida, Parasite and Adrenal Fatigue

Changing your gut environment is a vital to health. It has been shown that microbes in your gut creates craving for certain foods. They also contributes to anxiety and depression. Additionally, they also create inflammation. When inflammation happens, gut membrane lining opens. This allows pathogens to access the….

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