Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Right For You?

Bioidentical hormone replacement has improved over the last few years. A lot of different bioidentical hormones are already available on the market. However, doctors still need to prescribe them and they are not all the same quality.

Bioidentical hormone replacement can be useful in many different conditions.  Examples include patients suffering from adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, female hormone imbalances and many more.  In some cases, appropriate diet and lifestyle changes are enough for treating these conditions. However, in certain situations, such as advanced adrenal fatigue, bioidentical hormones are often necessary for full recovery.

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Bioidentical Hormones

In 2002, hormone replacement was linked to occurrence of certain cancers in women. However, it is important to note that those hormones were synthetic and very different from natural hormones. Hormones available in the market today are “bioidentical”. This means they are not natural, but they are very close in structure to our own natural hormones.

Hormone replacement is a powerful tool for adrenal fatigue treatment. Using bioidentical hormones makes us to reproduce the action of our natural hormones. They are synthesized from compounds taken from natural substances like soy and yam.

Your doctor need to establish your baseline hormone levels before giving you a prescription for hormone replacement. This involves a blood test before treatment. Your doctor will look for areas you’re deficient and then plan on returning these to normal levels. Ongoing blood tests are needed to measure the effects of the hormones replacement.

Examples of Bioidentical Hormones


Bioidentical cortisol is available on prescription. It has been used for treatment of Addison’s disease and adrenal insufficiency. However, there are downsides to its use. Side effects from this bioidentical hormone is very significant. It produces more side effects than adrenal glandular extract.

The bioidentical cortisol prevents the adrenal glands from manufacturing cortisol. Adrenal fatigue treatment is designed to get the adrenals working again. Basically, this treatment is counter-productive. However, in severe cases of Adrenal Fatigue, this is a good option.


Saliva testing is the most valid way to know the best dose of DHEA. This hormone is the precursor to sex hormones, especially testosterone. It’s easy for those who suffers from adrenal fatigue to have shortage of DHEA. Replacing this hormone leads to return of sex drive and other markers of vitality.

Small doses initially is always advisable. Regular testing of DHEA replacement is optimal.


The process of manufacturing hormones begins body with cholesterol. However, the next step is producing pregnenolone. Supplementation of this hormone ameliorates symptoms of reduced sex or stress hormone.


Both men and women need testosterone. It’s still important for women to have a fraction of testosterone for vitality markers. These include endurance, libido, and mood. Restoring testosterone levels greatly improves quality of life.


Progesterone begins to fall during late 30s in women. This results in irritability, low energy levels, and weight gain. Supplementation of this hormone is typically achieved through capsule or lozenges intake or topical creams.   I prefer to use sublingual liquid drops, as I find this much more accurate and safe. The optimal dose of this hormone is determined before treatment begins.


Estrogen deficiency also occurs with adrenal fatigue. However, this happens much later in progression of disease. Progesterone starts to drop after estrogen levels change. For women with late stage of adrenal fatigue, estrogen supplementation is useful. It’s more complicated with men as falling testosterone levels are related to rising estrogen levels. A qualified health care provider should test baseline estrogen levels and determine vital range for you. I personally do not like to supplement with estrogen, I find it too risky.  Especially since there are other safer ways to indirectly raise estrogen levels.

If you want to know more about bioidentical hormone replacement or you have other health inquiries, book your intro consult today with Dr. St Jean: